How to Update your KYC in EPF UAN unifiedportal

Update KYC in EPF UAN Member Portal now available…

Update KYC in EPF UAN

KYC is a term that most of us are now familiar with. But what has it got to do with the EPFO? Well, you know very well that EPGO provides varied kinds of services to its customer.

In the times of Corona, we have all seen that it is of utmost importance for us to get all our services online. EPFO has also started to provide most of its services online. But it requires a certain kind of verification before providing any specific type of service.

So, uploading our KYC document on the EPFO portal makes the process of verification quicker and easier for us.

                For KYC, one needs a UAN for sure. First, your Aadhaar is linked to the UAN, after that only you can upload the KYC documents.

How to Update KYC in EPF UAN portal Online

The process of uploading the KYC on the EPFO portal is quite easy if you have all the documents and the related numbers handy. Just follow the steps discussed below to upload the KYC details on the EPFO portal –

1. Go to the official link of the epfo portal i.e. and open it.

2. No service can be accessed on this portal without Logging in to the portal. Log in to the portal by using your UAN and Password. Enter the correct CAPTCHA as well.

3. After logging in, search for the ‘Manage’ tab.

4. Click on it. From the drop-down menu, select the option ‘KYC’.

5. A new window will now be visible to you on the screen containing the list of different kinds of documents.

Note – You are not expected to submit all the documents. Just tick the check box in front of the document that you want to upload and update.

6. Enter the asked details in front of them and click on the option ‘Save’ present at the bottom.

7. Now, your KYC status will be shown as ‘KYC pending for approval.

8. Once the employer approves, your status will change to ‘Digitally Approved KYC’. If the documents get approved by the employer, you will also get an SMS related to it on your registered mobile number.

How to embed KYC details in EPF UAN?

One need not do anything extra to embed their KYC in EPF UAN. Once the approval of KYC is given by the employer, the verification process gets over and the KYC details automatically get embedded in the EPF UAN system.

Note – In case, you do not get the approval from the employer, you can contact EPFO helpline number – 1800 118 005 or you can even mail them at,in. This will help you in getting your KYC done.

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Most asked questions in Update KYC in EPF UAN

What are the possible reasons for the failure of KYC updating?

Most of the time, the employer approves the KYC on time. The most probable reason for the rejection of KYC is some sort of discrepancy in the details of the document submitted.

How much time is taken in the approval of KYC?

The time taken for the approval is mostly between 2-3 days. Because of technical glitches or discrepancies of any kind, it can take longer.

Why is it important to embed the KYC details in the EPFO portal?

It makes the verification process fast and easier. Once verified, you get all the services.

Is KYC updating only useful for the employee?

No, KYC updating is useful for the employer as well as the employee.

Is it possible to change the KYC detail, once it is uploaded?

Not all the required changes can be made. But, one can update the contact details for sure. The process of updating the contact details is as such –
1. log in to the EPFO Portal.
2. Search and click on the ‘Manage’ tab.
3. From the drop-down menu that appears next, click on ‘Contact Details.
4. Two check boxes will appear – (a) Change mobile number and (b) Change email ID.
5. Choose the option you want and then update the said information by clicking on the ‘Get authorization PIN’ button.
6. A PIN will then be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter that PIN for the verification process. If everything goes well, your details will be updated instantly.

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