ICEGATE ePayment Pay CBIC Multiple Challan

IceGate ePayment gateway shows multiple challan payments | Pay your challan online at | Pay Customs challan online at CBIC IceGate e payment portal…

ICEGATE ePayment Pay CBIC Multiple Challan source from portal
At ICEGATE ePayment Pay CBIC Multiple Challan source from portal

ICEGATE ePayment ( CBIC ) for Multiple Challans Payment

On ICEGATE portal, many types of payments need to be made. For this, one can use CBIC e Payment portal. It is the official way of making multiple challan payments through ICEGate. The official link for the payment through ICEGATE is

          Do you know, that it is important to pay challans before goods are imported or exported? Indian Government has made it compulsory to pay challans before the import and export of any consignment.

Prior to ICEGATE, payment was to be made manually and both parties were requested to be present physically. But with time, and especially after the introduction of the ICEGATE portal, this requirement was minimized.

Now, through the ICEGATE portal, multiple challan payments can be easily done. The portal supports multiple bank payment gateways.

Name of departmentIcegate E-commerce Portal of Central Board
Icegate e-Payment Gatewayfacility of payment of multiple challans in single transaction
Icegate e-Payment
Toll Free No1800-3010-1000

How to make ePayment on IceGate?

For making the ePayment on IceGate, follow the steps discussed below –

1. Go to the official ICEGATE epayment portal i.e.

2. Once, you reach this page, you need to first choose the type of document. Choose it carefully.

3. Now, enter the relevant IEC code.

4. Choose the location of the consignment, etc.

5. Click on the ‘Submit’ tab after careful consideration.

6. Now, a list of Bank will appear. Choose the bank through which you want to make the e-payment. (Note – if you have already made a payment before, you can visit the older epayment page)

7. From the list that appears, click the unpaid challan.

8. To confirm all the entries as correct, click on ‘OK’.

9. Now, choose the Bank of your choice. You will then be directed to your respective banks’ ePayment Gateway.  Proceed in the usual way of making payment.

10. Once the payment is successfully made, you will get a message stating that a successful transaction has been made.

The probable reason for Transaction Failures on IceGate

Even after following the steps discussed above, sometimes the transaction fails. There may be several reasons for it. Some of the common reasons are –

1. Entering the wrong credentials

2. Internet Connection Failure

3. Low balance in the account

Note – Sometimes it happens that the transaction is successful, but we do not get the successful transaction message, and we feel that it failed.

How to pay for the failed transaction on IceGate?

In case, a transaction fails, follow the steps discussed below.

1. Use an advanced web browser, and visit the portal

2. Now, enter the IEC code. Enter the location also.

3. A menu appears next. Click on the option ‘Income Transaction’ from it.

4. The transaction that failed is visible in the unpaid challan list. In order to complete the failed transaction, click on the ‘Verify’ link.

5. After verification, pay again. After successful payment, the paid challans are sent to ICES.

How to check IceGate ePayment transactions?

One can check the transaction summary of the ePayment by following the steps discussed below –

1. Use the link to Login to the portal of IceGateePayment.

2. Again, choose the type of document.

3. Select the location, enter IEC and correct Captcha code and then click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

4. After Logging in, search for the ‘Transaction Summary’ option and click on that. You will then be able to see the transaction summary of the last 60 days.

5. In order to see the status of the challans paid today, click on the ‘Today Transaction’ option.

6. If you want to check the transactions made in a particulat time period, you can use the start and end date option.

7. Click on the ‘View’ tab to view the eReceipt of all the transactions made.

8. The chosen transactions will be displayed in a separate pop-up window.

Note – You can even print these transaction according to the setting pf your printer.


How many eChallan payment can be made through IceGate?

In all, 25 challans can be paid at a time using IceGateePayment portal. One can get a valid eReceipt for the same.

What is Icegate eChallan payment portal?

The ICEGATE eChallan payment official website is

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