TTD Darshan Online Ticket booking 300Rs at

TTD Darshan Online Ticket Booking Rs.300 Ticket at, Tirumala Special Entry Darshan Rs.300 Ticket Booking at and …

TTD Darshan Online Booking 300 Rs. Ticket

Full form of “TTD” is Tirupati Tirumala Darshan. As you already know, daily countless devotees visit Tirupati Temple for Darshan. Due to rush at the temple, and in order to avoid long queues, online ticket facility has been started.

            There is one more special category of ‘Rs. 300 entry ticket booking‘ which comes under the heading of ‘Special Entry Darshan’.  This ticket is available for a specified period of time .

What is the reason behind the issuance of this Special Entry Darshan 300 Rs. Ticket?

As you already know that all types of pilgrimages were suspended for an indefinite period during the Corona times. But with time, the severity of the pandemic conditions has lessened (all due to the vaccination drive). Now, pilgrims want to pay homage to their God.

So, the temple committee of Tirupati temple has come up with a unique way to let the devotees of the Lord enter the temple and have darshan. The way is – TTD Special Darshan ticket booking 2023.

            Tirupati, the most crowded pilgrim center in India, is more prone to unstructured mass gatherings. It is not permissible in this time of the Pandemic. As a solution, they have developed an online booking platform for the darshan ticket booking in 2023. Before 2022, all the activities of the temple were carried out manually.

            The online portal has been developed by the TTD Board. The cost of online tickets sold on the portal is fixed to Rs. 300.

ttd dharshan ticket online source from portal
ttd dharshan ticket online source from portal

How to book the Special TTD Darshan Online Booking Ticket?

There is a dedicated “TTD portal for the online booking” of tickets. For this, you just need to login to the TTD portal and pay there to book the ticket. For Logging In, first you need to create an account. The link which you can visit for account booking is

The process of Signing in is quite simple. Follow the steps discussed below for the registration.

  1. Visit the official page of TTD i.e. and click on ‘TTD Darshan Online Ticket Booking’ option.
  2. Now, you will be directed to a new page.
  3. Enter your personal details like name, mobile number, email ID etc. Then, you will be asked to enter your preferred date of visit and the timing slot that you want. Choose it deliberately.
  4. You will also be asked to upload some proof documents like Aadhaar card etc. Keep all of them handy before registration for the quick registration process. Now, upload them.
  5. Your registration is secured when you pay for the registration. For registration, you have to choose ‘TTD Special Darshan ticket booking 300Rs‘ .
  6. Once payment is done, registration process completes.

Note: Successful registration depends on the availability of the tickets. The portal gives a facility of checking the Booking status online.

When to register for the TTD Darshan Ticket?

Well, mostly it depends on the urgency of your visit. However, it is better to register 3 months before the date of your visit. If it is not possible to register before 3 months, register as early as possible or at least a week before your visit.

Do we get free laddu with TTD darshan booking?

With each ticket, you are entitled for 2 free laddoos. But, beyond that, you need to pay for each and every laddoo. Apart from it, there are 3 kinds of Laddu Services at TTD. Those are:-

  1. Kalyanotsavam Laddu: – This is the most sought after laddu in Tirumala. It has a shelf life of two weeks. The cost of each laddu is fixed to Rs. 200.
  2. Asthanam Laddu: – This is the laddu which weighs around 750 grams. The cost of extra laddu (if there is any need) is Rs. 50.
  3. Proktham Laddu:- It is a small laddu weighing around 175 grams. It is distributed free of cost to all the pilgrims.
TempleTirumala Venkateswara Temple
Trust BoardTirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
Types of Darshan BookingSarva Darshan Ticket (Free)
Special Entry Darshan (₹300)
Special Entry Darshan Ticket Price300Rs.
StateAndhra pradesh
Toll-Free Number1800 425 4141
ttd darshan ticket booking

What are the timings for booking?

The booking of the tickets are done according to specific and fixed slots. The overall day timings for darshan is from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You can choose a one hour time slot in between this timing. But, first you have to check the availability of the slot. TTD Board has prepared a Special Entry Darshan Availability chart. You can take help of that to book your slot.

How many people can attend the Shubh Muhurta Arti?

TTD Management has decided that no more than 20000 devotees can attend the Shubh Muhurta Arti in the temple premises.

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