PF WITHDRAWAL ONLINE : Steps to Submitting Applications

PF WITHDRAWAL ONLINE now available, Steps to Submitting Applications procedure as given below..


EPF is a compulsory savings scheme supported by the government of India. This fund helps the government service individuals to meet their post-retirement funding. The corpus accumulated over a duration of time can be withdrawn at any time.

To do anything with your PF account like checking the PF Balance, withdrawal of money, etc., one requires UAN i.e. Universal Account Number.

                Together with the UAN, one needs to make sure that your contact number (registered mobile number) must be attached and activated with your UAN. Apart from this, there are certain more requirements like –

1. Verification of the bank account.

2. Linking of the bank account via IFSC.

3. Activated UAN Number.

4. Withdrawal of PF through App.

There are more than one ways through which you can withdraw the PF amount, like –

1. Submitting an online application.

2. Submitting the physical application.

3. Using App to withdraw money.

Submitting Online Applications

With digitization, everything has come to our fingertips.  This has made the process hassle-free. There is a dedicated EPFO portal through which you can apply for the PF withdrawal online. But before going online for this, you need to fulfill certain conditions like –

(a) Activated UAN.

(b) Mobile number linked to the UAN.

(c ) UAN linked with KYC.

The process of withdrawal –

1. Visit the official EPFO portal i.e. e-SEWA Portal.

2. Now enter your UAN number got from your employer. Enter the password and Captcha code as well.

3. After logging in, search for the tab ‘Manage’.

4. Now, click on the option ‘KYC’ to check the authentication of the KYC Documents.

5. After the successful authentication, go to the ‘Online Services tab.

6. For raising the claim for the PF withdrawal, you have to fill out certain specific forms and submit them. The form numbers are Form 10C, 19, and 31.

7. In the next step, you need to verify the details displayed on the page. Verify the same by entering the last four digits of your registered bank account, and then clicking on the ‘Verify’ tab.

8. A notification will then be displayed on your screen, stating that the claim made by you will be credited to the mentioned account number. If the account number is yours and is correct, click on the ‘Yes’ tab.

9. On the new screen that appears, there will be a tab named ‘Proceed for Online Claim’. Just click on that, if you are sure that you want to raise the claim.

10. Now, search for the option ‘I want to Apply For’. When you click on that, many options will appear like EPF Part withdrawal, EPF Settlement (Full), and Pension Withdrawal. Choose an option according to your requirement.

11. You will now be asked about the purpose for which you require the advance. As the purpose is very clear to you, choose the purpose carefully. There will be some ready options of purpose, choose from them.

12. Finally, enter the amount of required advance.

13. Certain specific documents will be required for advance deductions. Just choose those documents and upload them. Upload the document.

14. You are all done. Now, you just have to wait for some days. Actually, approval from the employer is also required.

So, after all the formalities are over, your PF amount will be credited to your chosen account. The maximum time taken ranges from 15 to 20 days.


There is a unified dedicated APP for all the Government related works, it deals with EPF-related works. The name of the App is UMANG (Unified Mobile APP for New Governance).

This App works on most mobile platforms. This has made the process of withdrawal revolutionary for sure. It is very simple and quick. Just follow the steps discussed below and you are good to go.


1. Download the UMANG App on your mobile and then log in.

2. On the upper side of the App, you will find the option ‘All Services. Click on that.

3. A drop-down menu that appears will have the option ‘EPFO’. Just click on that.

4. Again, a drop-down menu will appear. Just click on the option ‘Raise Claim’.

5. For generating the OTP, submit your EPF UAN number.

6. After successfully receiving the password on your mobile, enter it.

7. Now, you will be asked to choose the type of withdrawal you want. Just choose it properly and complete the form filing formalities.


8. Send the request successfully after that.

9. You will get an acknowledgment slip after that. Just keep that acknowledgment slip handy and safe. This will have your claim reference number printed over it.

This might be required to raise the complaint if your request is not approved. This can also be used to check the status of your request.

Note – During the times of Covid, special provisions were made for the employees regarding their PF. The provision was made in the Umang App that if one wants to get COVID – 19 advance due to some economic emergencies, one can do so easily through the UMANG App.

A separate option was included in the APP for that.

In addition to the Pension request, one can also activate the UAN, get the scheme certificate, and view their EPF passbook through the UMANG App.


Government issues Physical Application forms that can be filled and submitted to the EPFO office. A new composite claim form i.e. Aadhaar based is introduced by the Government.

This form has reduced the need for form attestation as it is linked with the Aadhaar.

                In case, one wants to make the partial withdrawal of EPF Amount, one does not need to submit variously certificated that were needed before. One just needs self – certification, and attestation.

This has made the process of PF withdrawal very easy and quick.

Mostly ask questions in PF WITHDRAWAL ONLINE

Any employee wants to withdraw the full PF amount before retirement, can he do so?

No, he/she cannot do so. There are certain regulations for the withdrawal of PF money. One of the regulations does not allow the withdrawal of full PF money before retirement.

If in case the logging into the EPFO portal is not working, can an employee claim the EPF withdrawal in some other way?

Yes, there are multiple options through which one can withdraw the EPF money. If one do not want to apply online for some reason, there is an option of applying online. Regional EPFO commissioner is the highest authority in your area that can help you in case of any trouble.

Is it mandatory to submit PAN for the withdrawal of EPF money?

No, it is not mandatory. But, the authorities suggest you to submit it and connect it with your account because it reduces the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on the withdrawn money.

For what purposes can the EPF be withdrawn before time?

There are certain reasons for which the Government allows you to withdraw money beforehand. Those reasons are –
1. Purchase of Land or Home.
2. Repayment of loan taken for Home.
3. Marriage of children.
4. Education of children.

What are documents required to be submitted beforehand for the withdrawal of PF money?

For withdrawing the EPF money online or offline, some documents are required. The need of these documents vary, depending on the mode – online or offline. The documents which might be required are –
1. 2 revenue stamps
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Voter ID Card
4. PAN card
5. Bank Account Statement
6. Cancelled Check

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