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EPFO Services using to Check Generation of UAN Number, Uan services, PF online and Withdrawal, to know your pf balance status, Grievance, establishments and more,….

EPFO Services

Official website of EPFO provides various kinds of services. It caters to the needs of employers, employees call mark pensioners as well as international workers. EPFO in itself is a very big organization. A big organization can only work if it provides where it kind of services to all kinds of people related to it. Latest discuss some of the major services provided by the EPFO

Generation of UAN Number

The first service is the generation of a UAN number. If you are an employee you must be aware of what is UAN number. It is a 12-digit number that is given by the EPFO. Anyone contributing towards the epf gets this number from the organization he or she works with. Do you know who issues this UAN number? This number is issued by the ministry of employment and labor, Government of India.

If one has a UAN number when can get an advantage from various kinds.  Some of the advantages are – one can check the PF passbook online, one can opt for the service of getting the SMS related to the PF on their registered mobile number, and one can get the updated UAN card, connecting the previous member ID with their present employer ID.

Employers can pay PF online

Do you know, it has become mandatory for all organizations to beat private and government to pay the PF online for their employees? This has become mandatory since September 2015. Employers can do so in 2 ways. They can access the epf site and pay the PF, or they can visit the bank website of the employer. All the banks are not providing this service. Here I’m giving you the names of some of the banks that support the service. Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI and Allahabad bank.

Getting services from the e-sewa portal dedicated to the employees

There is a dedicated portal with the name e sewa portal. This portal is dedicated to all the employees who pay their PF. Using this portal one can check various details related to their epf account. Some of the major things that they can do in an e sewa portal are- completing their EPF KYC, updating their profile, checking their service history, tracking their epf status, accessing their epf passbook et cetera.

Withdrawal of PF

 A person can withdraw PF as and when he or she requires it. Do you know when are you qualified to withdraw your PF? In certain cases, a person can withdraw their PF in 2 months. But it is advised that one must not withdraw the PF without completing a specific time. If one wants to withdraw the PF he can do so anytime. He can withdraw it online or he can use the offline methods as well. EPF is always there to help its members get their PF on time.

Missed call and SMS service-

For getting this service, when must have a UAN and registered number for sure. EPFO provides the services to all its Members for free. This service enables all EPFO members to get theirPF-related information on their mobile. One can use the number 77 38299 899 to send the SMS. The SMS format to be followed is a hyphen- EPFOHO UAN.

Grievance Services

It is one of the main services provided by the EPFO. If one has any complaint regarding theirepf service or epf account one can rely on the grievance services provided by the EPFO. If there is an issue withthe withdrawal of PF, transfer of PF, inoperative account,inactive UAN, etc., one can use the grievance withdrawal service of the EPFO. EPFO is now providing a one-stop solution for all the epf for related problems. The review suggests that EPFO has been successful in resolving the issues of people to a very large extent.

Online Registration of new establishments-

Now and then new firms start in India. These firms need to register themselves on the epf portal. Now they can easily do so by providing some of their basic details. No extra effort is needed from their side. The process is quite simple and easy to follow.

International Workers Coverage Certificate

In some cases, it happens that one has to go out of India for work. In such a case, if one has social security agreement in India, one easily gets a Certificate of Coverage (COC). It is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employee.

Once, you start exploring the EPFO site, you will find that you are able to access endless services. Just try it to get an Idea. The services are commendable.

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