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UAN Login Portal / EPFO Member Portal – How to logon UAN member portal steps given below …

UAN Login Member Portal

Official UAN number has specific relevance in the context of the EPF. It is a unique 12-digit number assigned to all employees. This number is helpful in getting many online services related to the EPF. This number is used on the unified portal of the EPFO for login purposes.

Here, I am discussing the process by which they can log in to the unified portal of the EPFO. The process is as such


Visit the official EPFO portal with the link :

On the right-hand side, you will see the empty boxes requiring you to in in fill your basic details and the document numbers. Fill in the details as the following information will be asked for –

1. UAN Number

2. Date of Birth

3. Aadhaarnumber

4. PAN

5. Bank Account Number

6. Mobile No.

7. Email

8. Name

After the login formalities are over, you will be able to see various tabs on the home screen, like – Manage, View, etc. Click on the ‘Manage’ section on the home page, under which you will find the ‘Account’ option. Click on that.

Look for the option ‘Online services’. Click on that, to open the drop-down list. Multiple services will be listed under it. Click on the concerned service.

Note – The method of Login discussed above is for those who already know their UAN.


Those who have not registered on the Unified Portal must register themselves on the UAN Portal first. For this, follow the process discussed below.

1. Go to the official EPFO page. Click on the section (tab) ‘Services’.

2. A drop-down menu then appears next. Click on the section ‘Member UAN/Online Services.

3. Enter your UAN or member ID, whichever is known to you. Then enter your Aadhaar number, DOB, Mobile Number, Name, and the correct CAPTCHA.

4. Give consent for the Aadhaar by ticking the check box present.

5. Click on the ‘Get authorization PIN’ option at the end.

6. This will send an OTP on your RNM. Enter that OTP on the screen and then tick the option ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’.

7. If all goes well, a message of activation will be sent to your registered mobile number. Now, you can be assured of registration.


The steps of finding the UAN Registration after thet you can go through the UAN Login is quite simple. Follow the below steps –

1. Go to the official UAN member Portal

2. On the right-hand side of the window, below the login page, you will be able to see various options. Click on the option ‘Know your UAN’. This will sort all the things for you.

3. Now, a new window will appear. Here, enter your mobile number and then the correct captcha code.

4. It will send an OTP on your RNM. Enter this, and then click on the option ‘Validate OTP’.

5. Enter it to activate your UAN. Now, you can use your UAN to login to the member portal of the UAN.

EPFO Member Portal Login Process

(A) Login to the Portal as Employee –

Once you know the UAN, you can login to the portal easily. The process of Login for the employees is as such –

1. Go to the official website of the EPFO Portal.

2. Search ‘Services’ >> ‘For Employees’ >> ‘Member UAN/Online Service (OCS/OTCP)’

3. Enter UAN, Password and CAPTCHA. Then click on ‘Sign In’ option.

4. Now, you are logged in. IF your KYC details are not updated, you are sincerely advices to update it, as it will help in the quick disbursal of the PF amount.

(B)  Login to the Portal as Employer

1. Go to the employer login page through the link .

2. Enter the asked detail and then click on ‘Sign In’ option.

It is that easy.

Can I know my pension status through EPFO site?

Yes, you can know the pension status through the EPFO site. But the best way to do so is visiting the Pensioner’s Portal.

If one wants to file a transfer claim, what should one do?

Register on the member portal.

If one changes the job, the EPF number also change?

No, it remains the same throughout the life.

Can one change the basic details on the portal?

Except address and phone number, one cannot change the basic details.

Can one withdraw complete EPF, if in urgency?

No, one cannot withdraw the full amount. But 75% of it can be withdrawn.

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