EPF TRANSFER : How to withdraw PF amount from previous company online after joining new company


With privatization, everybody now changes jobs often unlike Government jobs. This generated a need to make the process of EPF transfer easy and quick. EPFO has made the process seamless for sure.

Now, one can use the EPF transfer process online as well as offline. The process is quite simple. You just need an active UAN number to use both processes.

                The first requirement for the online EPF transfer is an activated UAN and IFSC, mobile, and Aadhaar linking with the UAN. Some people are comfortable using the offline instead of the online method.

So, the EPFO has made both processes available to its stakeholders. First, let us discuss the online method.


How to transfer EPF online?

Well, the process is quite simple. Just follow the steps discussed below.

1. Visit the official EPFO portal. Log in with the UAN and password.

2.  Now, search for the ‘Online Services’ section.

3. In this section, you will find an option ‘One Member – One EPF Account.

4. Now, you will be asked to verify the details related to your EPF account.  Verify the details and then see the details of your PF account by clicking on the ‘Get Details’ tab. This will show you details of all of your previous employment.

5. For attesting the claim form you either need to attest the present employer or the previous employer. The choice will depend on the availability of an authorized signatory.

6. After choosing the employer, just enter either the UAN or the Member ID.

7. Now, get the OTP on your registered mobile number by clicking on the option ‘Get OTP’.

8. You will then automatically see an auto–filled PF transfer request form.  This form needs to be self–attested. So, attest it yourself and then submit it to your employer in PDF form.

9. Once the PDF is submitted, the employer will get an online notification for the same Employer, in turn, has to approve this request digitally.

Once, the employer approves it, the amount directly gets transferred to the new account. You will get a tracking ID also for the same to track the progress of your online application.

Sometimes, due to some discrepancies in the document submission, etc. the employee has to submit a Transfer Claim form, which is also called Form 13, to the employer.

How to transfer EPF offline?

If one wants to make use of the offline process of EPF transfer, one must fill the form 13 and submit it to the employer with whom he/she is currently working. The employer, in turn, again has to submit it to the EPF Office after verifying the documents, etc.

                After that, the EPFO sends this application form to the previous employers also. They are supposed to verify and attest the form. Once the EPFO gets the attestation and verification from the current and previous employer, the EPFO transfers the balance to the new EPF account easily. It is to be noted that, for the offline transfer process one doesn’t need to have a UAN or Aadhaar card.

Can we check the status of the PF transfer for both online and offline processes?

One can easily track the process of the online application, but it is difficult to check the status of offline applications.

Can one check the status of the online Application?

Once can do in various ways –
                (a) Through the Online Transfer Claim portal
                (b) Through EPF claim status check.

How to raise a complaint or grievance, if there is any discrepancy or problem with the process of EPF transfer?

can log in to the Grievance portal and raise the query/complaint.

Can one check the status of the complaint raised on the Grievance portal?

Yes, one can know the exact status of the transfer claim and complaints through the EPFO portal.

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