Washroom Near Me – How to Find Public Toilets Near Your Location

Washroom Near Me using to Find Google Maps / Apple Maps near locations easily. If your current location is turned on, you will find a list of public and private washrooms starting from the nearest to distant restrooms…

Washroom Near Me, How to Find Public Toilets Near Your Current Location

With the digitization and development of Apps, restroom identification through the location setting has become easy. Here, I am defining some ways in which you can locate restrooms near you.

Washroom Near Me, How to Find Public Toilets
Pic Credit : Google maps – Find wash rooms near me

The easiest of all – Google Maps/Apple Maps

Any Android Phone comes with the Google Maps App by default. If you cannot find it, quickly install it. As iPhone users don’t have Google Maps on their device, they can also install it by using the link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/google-maps-transit-food/id585027354.

                As you must be knowing that Google Maps is not limited to one or two countries. It covers about 220 countries. On Google Maps almost everything is tagged. If you are new in a country, you can easily navigate to the washroom using Google Maps.

For this, you just have to type the term ‘restroom near me’. If your current location is turned on, you will find a list of public and private washrooms starting from the nearest to distant restrooms.

                Those, who are using iPhones are expected to use Apple Maps. On apple maps also, type the same words ‘find a restroom near me’ on the device. You will then get the list.

Offline method – Use Maps offline

In case, there is no internet connectivity in your device, the offline maps might work best. For this, you have to store the Maps offline and then enable the geolocation option. This will help you suggest the areas near you.

Use Search Assistants like Siri, OK Google, etc.

Personal assistants on the smartphone sometimes seem like a boon. You can command your assistants to search for the restroom near you by providing the following common prompts– closest restroom near me, show toilets near Shastri Nagar, Locate washroom near….,24-hour restrooms near me, bathroom near me, etc.

Using Apps

Nowadays, there are endless Apps that help spot and identify anything near us. Name of some of the Apps is – SitOSqaut, Flush, Toilet Finder, etc. These are amazing Apps. These Apps can be used for both Android and iPhone.

For this App, they have used an interactive App setting. There are more than 1,00,000 washrooms marked over it. The good thing about using the Apps is that it provides a rating system by which we come to know the condition of the restroom before we go there. Everyone wants to use a clean and fresh washroom.

But, not all the washrooms are maintained properly. While using the App for washroom identification, one must see the ratings attached to each washroom, for getting a better idea about the condition of the restroom.

                The best thing about using some of the washroom location Apps is that they come with handicap accessible filters. This helps the differently-abled person and families to identify such restrooms that are provided with the facilities needed by them.

There are some more filters available with these Apps like Showers, Cost, Baby change areas, drinking water, nearby parking, etc. The best part is, most of these Apps are completely free.


Sometimes it happens that technology doesn’t work. In such situations, look for shops, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. These places always have a restroom.

Just ask the people around you. Localities have good knowledge of this. If you are new to the area and you do not know the language. You can use Google translate.

Are there any categories of Toilet?

Yes, there are two types of toilets – Free Public Toilet and Cheap Public Toilets.

Are the toilet finder Apps really good?

Yes, most of them are.

What if one doesn’t understand Maps?

One can see the restrooms in the list view instead of the map mode.

Do these Apps and services tell us about the opening and closing hours of the restrooms?

Yes, most of them provide the detail for sure.

What are the common filters for locating the washroom with specific facilities?

Most of the Apps can be searched by using filters like LHT, RHT, parking, ambulant, male-female, handicap, MLAK, baby change rooms, adult change rooms, sanitary supplies, etc. 

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