Set Custom Ringtones to your iPhone Easily

ADD/ Set Custom ringtones to your iPhone Simple steps follow as well….

How to Add / Set Custom ringtones to your iPhone

Which type of music do you like listening to? Is it R&B, Latin, Blues, Rock, Country music, Religious songs, or hip-hop? 

Guess what!

You can have your favorite song as your iPhone ring tone regardless of the genre. I will first introduce what an iPhone ringing tone is to help us be on the same page as we start our topic.

An iPhone ringtone is a sound alert that notifies you when your iPhone is ringing. You can choose to keep the default ringing tone or select your tune of choice.

 It is exciting to know that you can adjust the volume level based on your preference. You do not have to keep a boring or agitating ringtone anymore. You can have your best song as your ringtone.

Today, I will enlighten you on how you can add a custom ringtone to your iPhone. There are different methods to implement these changes, as I will discuss below.

How to Add Set Custom ringtones to your iPhone Source from
How to Add Set Custom Ringtones to your iPhone Source from

You can use an app called ringtone maker.

Do you want to have a distinct ringing tone for different contacts? Well! You will need this app known as ringtone maker to have a different ringtone for each contact. This app is free of charge and outstanding among other ringtone maker apps.

The app offers you a list of songs from all genres and allows you to choose depending on your taste. This app helps you to change your song to MP3. The next step is to save your audio song in your music folder.

Can I take you through the procedures of making a custom ringtone using this app for ringtone makers?

Well! You will follow the below few steps and pew: You will have the new ringtone.

  • Switch on your iPhone.
  • Link your iPhone to the internet and download the ringtone maker app.
  • Open the app and click on ringtones.
  • Click on ringtone maker.
  • Click on the select audio file or select song tab.
  • Click on your specific music file name and choose your song.
  • An editing tool will pop up on the screen; choose the part of the song that you would like to be your ringtone. The part you choose should run within 30 seconds.
  • When you are done click on the Save button.
  • Suppose you want to view, you will find your new ringtone in my tones section. All the ringtones you will create using this app will appear here.

You can use GarageBand app

GarageBand is a free app that helps you add custom ringtones on your iPhone without using a computer. The app is unique because it helps you add a custom ringtone to your iPhone from the ringtone maker app without saving it first.

The below procedure will help you implement the changes in a few seconds.

  • Download the Ringtone maker app.
  • Open the app and click on my tones.
  • Click at the ringtone library.
  • Click on the share button.
  • Click at GarageBand app.
  • The above step will take you to the recent part on GarageBand.
  • Click and press the file for a custom ringtone for a few seconds and then click on the share button.
  • Click on the ringtone tab.
  • Click on the export button on the right corner at the top of your page.
  • Tap at the field written ‘use sound’
  • You will get a pop-up screen where you can opt to use the ringtone as the standard choice.
  • When you are through, click on the done tab.


There are different ways of adding a custom ringing tone to your iPhone. A few of these methods include using a computer and iTunes. These two methods may not fit all users, especially those who do not have access to them. Many people lately prefer using the GarageBand app and ringtone maker app, which are efficient, fast, and free of charge.

Are you excited about this new and faster way of adding a custom ringtone to your iPhone? Well! I look forward to seeing you try out the tactics that save you time and money. I wish you all the best as you take this new path.

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