How to save battery on your Android Phone

To save battery on your Android Phone follow the tricks help to save the battery for long.

How to save battery on your Android Phone?

Do you remember the brick phones? The battery of this phone used to last for weeks. But, smartphones of today’s time do not have such a battery. Their battery lasts for a day or two of use. But, some of the tricks help to save the battery for long. These tricks might not work on iPhones. Let us discuss some of them –

Reduce the brightness of the screen – This is one of the best ways to reduce the consumption of the battery. Alternatively, use the auto–brightness feature. This option is available under the ‘adaptive brightness’ option. You must use the brightness slider in the notification center to adjust the brightness manually.

Enable Dark Mode

Using black backgrounds, decrease battery usage. Most Android phones have dark mode options. The dark mode turns off the screen pixel.

Keep a watch on what you are watching –

As smartphones are multi-media devices, we continuously keep watching movies, TV shows, games, WhatsApp messages, etc. If you want to keep your battery last long you have to limit the use of those devices. If you play games often, it is better to play lighter games.

Change the settings

Go to the settings, and then display. Downgrade to a lower resolution. New phones mostly have a display of 90Hz or 120Hz. It keeps on refreshing per second or minute. You must step down to a 60 Hz display to save the battery.

Disconnect –

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, etc. are known to drain the battery power. Bluetooth is the king among them. Switching them off to save battery.

Turn on Power saving mode –

Depending on the model of the phone, the power-saving mode saves the battery in many ways. E.g. it stops the background apps, stops the auto–playing feature, and enables only a few applications that can be accessed.   It might slow down the responsiveness of the device, but it surely makes the battery last for a long run.

Turn – on Airplane mode –

If you don’t want to use the internet or receive a call, keeping the phone in airplane mode is the best option. As the name suggests, this mode is designed to be used while traveling by aircraft. This feature can be used on land also to save the battery. Moreover, keeping your phone in airplane mode while charging helps the phone to charge faster.

Keep your phone audio on silent mode-

To save battery, you must keep your phone on silent mode (if the speakers are not to be used). Turning off the sounds of the keypad and keyboard also helps a lot.

Kill Background Apps –

Some Apps keep on running in the background until we turn them off. You will see them running in the ‘recent apps’. It keeps track of all the recently used Apps. Killing these Apps in the background helps to save the battery. So make this a habit to kill these Apps in the background.

Disable Background App Refresh

The background App goes to the settings option feature is majorly used by social media applications. Disabling this feature saves the battery but it stops you from getting an alert.

Turn off Auto –Sync –

You must have observed that your data is automatically backed up on the Google Cloud. This is an auto-sync feature. It consumes the battery of the phone even if it is idle.  So stop using this feature instead use Manuel Singh SYNC.

Disable Google services-

There is a feature of Google called Hey Google. This feature responds to all voice queries. It uses the microphone of your phone to respond. Disabling this feature helps to save some power restart. For using this option go to the Google app. Click on the profile icon full. Go to the setting options. Now Google Assistant and then hey Google and voice match. There will be a slider near Hey Google, just turn it off.

Avoid using Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers consume more battery than normal wallpapers. A plain background is also preferable to aesthetic wallpapers.

Turn-off location services –

 Location tracking used GPS to track the location. Disable location service if you do not need it as it helps save the battery.

Check the battery usage –

Sometimes killing the background App is not enough, you have to force stop the App. However, this corrupts the App. Uninstalling the not-so-frequently used apps is also a good solution.

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