How to Find / Check your Saved Wi-Fi Password

Find your Saved Wi-Fi Password in MAC , windows and android

Find/ Check your Saved Wi-Fi Password

Can you spend a whole day without accessing the internet? Many people spend most of their free time online doing different activities. There is satisfaction and efficiency that comes with owning Wi-Fi. You can browse anytime at an affordable cost when you are within the reach of your Wi-Fi without any limitation.

Nevertheless, you need to know your Wi-Fi password to be able to link the internet connection to your device. The router comes with a default username and password. The details are mostly on a sticker placed at the side or the bottom of your router. To personalize and secure your Wi-Fi, you change your password and username. Ensure that you can remember the password you choose, but it should be hard for anyone else to know. Today, we will discuss how you can find your saved Wi-Fi and password.

There are different ways of accessing your wi-fi password depending on the garget that you are using. C’mon! Join me as we explore these methods together.

How can I find my Wi-Fi password when using MAC?

Have you forgotten your Wi-Fi password? Do not panic because you can find it when using MAC. There are two different methods that I will analyze below.

Using MAC terminals

Mac allows you to control your device using the command prompt. This function works effectively because Mac has an in-build application that facilitates this control. To use this application, you need to know your Wi-Fi name. You will follow the below steps to make your dream true.

– Go to the spotlight to access the terminals.

– Can you remember the command? Good! Type it and click enter.

– A new page will launch where you should feed in your network username and password.

When using Apple you can click on the Apple icon on the left top corner to access your Wi-Fi username.

– Click enter for the password to pop up.

Using the Key chain app

You will follow the below steps to access your Wi-Fi password when using the key chain app.

– Go to applications,

– Click the utility folder

– On the left corner, click on the system keychain.

– Click on the passwords, and all the key chains that have all your passwords will populate.

– Can you see your Wi-Fi name? Double click on it and give it a few seconds to load.

– A new page will launch. Tap on the field that reads show password.

– You will need to feed in your username. Suppose you cannot remember, tap on the Finder app, go to the favorites sidebar, and click on the home icon. Your username is the same as the home folder.

– When you follow all the above steps, your Wi-Fi password will pop up.

Can I find my Wi-Fi password using my iPhone?


You will follow the below steps to find your Wi-Fi password within no time.

– Put on your iPhone and link it to your Wi-Fi internet connection.

– Click on settings.

– Go to Apple ID

– Click on iCloud

– Turn on the keychain

Using Windows to access my Wi-Fi password

You could access your Wi-Fi password using your computer if you had previously connected it to your Wi-Fi network. The first step is different for various types of Windows, but steps two, three, and four are common for all windows. You need to know your computer’s Windows to identify the procedure to follow.

Shall we start the adventure now?

Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows or follow below:

Step 1

Windows 10

– Go to the start button

– Click on settings

– Go to the internet and network

– Click on the status

– Go to the network and sharing center

Windows 7 and 8.1

– Click on the start button and go to settings.

– Click at network and sharing

Windows 11

– Click at the start

– Search for the control panel

– Go to network and internet

– Click at network and sharing

Step 2

– Click on your Wi-Fi username from the list that will populate after clicking on the network and sharing in step one.

Step 3

– Can you see the Wi-Fi status? click on Wireless Properties

Step 4

Can you see the security tab? Click on this button and click on show characters. You will find your Wi-Fi password on the network security field.

Viewing my Wi-Fi password on my Android

You can use your Android device to check your Wi-Fi password within a few minutes. We will discuss Android 10, 11, and 12.

Android 10

– Put on, your Android device and link it to your Wi-Fi password.

– Click on settings

– Go to network and internet

– Click on Wi-Fi for Android 10 and 11.

– When using Android 12, you will click on the internet on the above step.

– View your Wi-Fi password at the top of your desktop

– Click on the password to display more options

– Suppose you cannot remember your router’s username, check the options that populate at the lower part of your desktop and select yours.

– Go to the overview field and click share.

– Key in your pin, confirm your fingerprint, and face lock to view your password that will pop under the QR code.

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The first rule of setting a password is selecting a simple one, but it should not be obvious to avoid easy guesses. Your password is sensitive because it acts like a padlock to your Wi-Fi. When your password is weak, malicious people can access your Wi-fi and hence your privacy. You will need to know your default login details to enable you to access the control panel where you personalize.

There are different ways of finding your saved Wi-Fi password. The navigation procedure differs from one device to the other.

You can use iPhone, MAC, Key chain app, Windows, and Android devices.

 The steps differ from one window to the other. Step out today and engage in this navigation.

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