How to Check Your LinkedIn Public Profile Visibility

LinkedIn public profile visibility – you can search in Your detail, LinkedIn has various levels of visibility like name, phone, work experience, education, headline…

What is LinkedIn public profile visibility

LinkedIn visibility refers to the visibility of your LinkedIn profile to others outside your network. Your visibility includes your name, phone, work experience, education, headline, etc. If you search in detail, LinkedIn has various levels of visibility.

1. Your Network – If your network visibility is strong, your connection’s connection will also be able to see your profile, and its related details.

2. Your Connections – By default, this visibility enables all of your connections (accepted or sent) to see your profile details.

3. Public – If your profile visibility is public, those who are not connected can also see your profile. This helps to make the personal as well as professional network strong.

The type of visibility that you need to maintain depends on the professional goals and the type of audience.

Check your LinkedIn public profile visibility
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How to check and set the visibility of the LinkedIn profile?

You can adjust the visibility settings of your LinkedIn profile to adjust to your preferences. Manage the visibility like this –

1. Sign In to the LinkedIn account.

2. Click the ‘Me’ icon to access your profile picture.

3. On the profile page, click on the ‘Public Profile settings page.

4. Adjust the various sections of the public profile by clicking on the visibility icon (present next to each section).

5. As discussed, you can either set the visibility to public, private, or network controlled.

6. Click on the ‘Save’ button.

How to Customize LinkedIn Public Private visibility?

When the visibility of a LinkedIn account is public, you need to customize it properly. You need to highlight the section which you feel must be visible, and hide the section which you don’t want others to know.

You can edit the specific section, and then enable its visibility. Follow these steps to customize your public profile visibility –

(A) From Desktop –

1. Go to the ‘Profile’ section from the desktop and then click on the ‘View Profile’ page.

2. Click on the option ‘Edit Public profile and URL’.

3. For hiding, toggle ‘Your LinkedIn public profile visibility to Off. If you want to show the information, toggle it to ‘On’.

(B) From Mobile App –

1. Select your profile photo.

2. Tap ‘Settings’ >> ‘Visibility’ >> Edit your profile picture.

3. Toggle the key ‘Off’ in front of the section ‘Your profile’s public visibility’.


Your LinkedIn profile appears publicly even when you are in offline mode. Public search engines increase offline visibility. You can control your visibility even in the off LinkedIn mode.

For controlling this, use the ‘Public Profile’ section of your account. You can control various things of LinkedIn visibility, like –

1. Whether one can look up your profile from your email ID ( want to Add Or Change An Email Address On Linkedin ) or not.

2, Whether one can search you through phone number or not.

3. Whether the profile will be visible to all LinkedIn users or not.

To control your discoverability through email or phone number, follow the below- discussed steps –

1. Access the Profile ‘Me’ section.

2. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’.

3. Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab.

4. Access the section ‘How LinkedIn uses your data’ section.

5. Click on ‘Change’ present near the options ‘Manage who can discover your profile from your email address’.

6. Choose one option from the following – Nobody, everybody, and 2nd– degree connections.

LinkedIn public profile visibility in FAQs

Q1. Can one hide endorsement details and connections on LinkedIn?

Yes, one can do so easily by making adjustments to the privacy settings of LinkedIn.

Q2. What do you mean by LinkedIn Open Profile Settings?

This setting of LinkedIn allows the subscribers of the Premium service to receive messages from LinkedIn members. This increases visibility.

Q3. What are the basic ways to increase your LinkedIn profile?

Some of the basic ways are –
1. Use relevant keywords in the headline.
2. Share valuable content and join LinkedIn groups that are most relevant to you.
3. Publish articles to attract attention.
4. Add more recommendations by requesting colleagues and connections to join your network.

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