How to create a LinkedIn account at | Easy steps

Create a LinkedIn account : steps to create a professional account of yours on LinkedIn with the help of browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Google, etc.

Easy Steps to create a LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn, one of the largest social networks of professionals is now continuously being used by recruiters to search for the right candidate for the job. Making an account on LinkedIn is quite easy and quick. Just follow the below-discussed steps to create a professional account of yours on LinkedIn –

1. Open the official portal of

Easy Steps to create an LinkedIn account
pic Credit : Bastian Riccardi – Easy Steps to create an LinkedIn account

You can use any of the browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Google, etc. to open a LinkedIn account.

2. On the home page, there will be a sign–up box.

3. There will be many boxes in which you will need to fill in the information, like your first name, last name, password, email, etc. Fill it.

4. Then, you will be asked to provide your basic information like the country, Title of your job, company in which you are working, postal code, etc. Fill in all the information correctly.

5. Once done, click on the ‘Next’ tab.

6. You will then be asked about what you are most interested in doing on LinkedIn. Choose the option carefully.

7. You can then import contacts from your preferred email account.

8. If the imported contacts are already on LinkedIn, then you can make ‘connections’ with them. You can even enter the email addresses of your choice in the box marked ‘Email’, and then click on the ‘Continue’ tab. You can even skip this step, by clicking on the ‘Skip’ tab.

Confirmation and validate LinkedIn

9. You will then get a confirmation mail from LinkedIn confirming that your account has been generated, and if there is any need like resetting the password, forgetting your username, etc., then you can do so easily with LinkedIn’s help.

10. Click on the ‘Confirm your email’ tab.

11. And Click on the ‘Verify’ tab after that.

12. Now, you will be directed to do many things like adding a profile picture, subscribing the job alerts, connecting with a few people you may know, etc. If you don’t want to do all these things at that time, you can click on the ‘Skip’ tab.

13. Finally, you will reach your profile page.

above all , steps can follow There, you will get a message stating ‘Congratulations on signing up for LinkedIn!’.

1. How to create a good LinkedIn profile?

A LinkedIn profile helps people understand who you stand for and what are your interests. It is important that you should make your profile appear distinct, attractive, and relevant. While creating a LinkedIn profile, keep the following points in your mind –
(i) Add a professional profile photo
(ii) Use an attractive headline
(iii) Add skills you have
(iv)  Write a summary of yourself
(v) Request and add recommendations

2. How to share your LinkedIn profile with others?

You can share your LinkedIn profile with others by creating a personal URL through LinkedIn. This feature is supported by LinkedIn to increase its network range.

3. What are the things to avoid while using LinkedIn?

While using LinkedIn, it is important to avoid doing the following things –
1. Treat LinkedIn like other socializing sites like Facebook.
2. Not personalizing LinkedIn.
3. Not checking the site continuously
4. Not replying or losing touch with the job givers.

4. How to make your LinkedIn profile look unique?

A person can stand out of the herd on LinkedIn by doing some of the following things uniquely –
(i) Adding a video to the profile
(ii) Adding publications (if any)
(iii) Creating a professional portfolio

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