How To Add Or Change An Email Address On

Steps to Add Or Change An Email Address On LINKEDIN – Exactly how to change your email on LinkedIn and make it primary..

Add Or Change An Email Address On LINKEDIN

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. It helps connect job seekers with businesses and other professionals working in the same or different fields. The profile created on LinkedIn works as an online resume. It showcases all of their talents and skills. Some of the features and functionalities supported by LinkedIn are –

1. Company Pages

2. Groups and Communities

3. Learning and Professional Development

4. Job search and recruitment

5. Professional networking

6. Content Sharing

Why do we need to log in through email ID on LinkedIn?

Well, email login is used on most social networking sites or other linking pages. It is used for many reasons, but the common ones are –

1. Security

2. User Verification

3. Password Recovery

4. Contact Information

5. Communication and Notification

Add Or Change An Email Address On LINKEDIN
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How to change or add an email address on LinkedIn?

To change or add an email address on LinkedIn, just follow these steps –

1. Use your current email address and password to log in to your LinkedIn official website.

2. Once logged in, click on the profile picture.

3. Choose the option ‘Settings and Privacy’ from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on the ‘Account’ tab on the next settings page.

5. Access the ‘Basics’ section and click on the ‘Email address’ option that appears next.

6. Click on the ‘Change/Add’ button.

7. Enter your new email ID in the window which appears next.

8. Click on the ‘Add Email Address’ tab.

9. Check the inbox of your new email ID for verification purposes. Click the verification link received in your inbox.

10. After the verification, make it the primary email ID by clicking on the ‘Make Primary’ tab.

11. You can even remove your old email address by clicking on the ‘Remove’ tab. You are all sorted after that.


1. How to change your primary email to a different email?

Go to ‘Privacy and Settings’. Search for the ‘email addresses’ section and click on it. The ‘Make primary’ option is the option to be used after that. In the end, add the email address that you want to set as a Primary.

2. I am unable to log in with my old email ID, what to do?

In this case, you need to fill out the ‘Identity Verification Form’.

3. What is the best option to log in to LinkedIn – work email ID or personal email ID?

A personal email ID is the best option because if you lose access to the work email ID, it will be difficult for you to access the account.

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