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Easy Apply for jobs on LinkedIn – you can find jobs, recruiters as well as employers, chance of getting selecting JOB through LinkedIn. few quick tips that ensure you and your profile are highlighted….

Apply for jobs on LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn, a popular social networking website, helps the user who shares professional interests to share their likes and dislikes, as well as share and search the job opportunities. On LinkedIn, you can find jobs, recruiters as well as employers. Post-pandemic, there is a hike in the number of recruiters using Linked In to fill their job requirements.

To increase your chance of getting selected through LinkedIn, it is suggested that you must complete or fill in your LinkedIn profile. Here, I am giving a few quick tips that ensureyou and your profile are highlighted whenever a recruiter searches for relevant jobs.

1. Keep updating and filling in the complete LinkedIn profile –

Your LinkedIn profile should be complete with all the details. For completing your LinkedIn profile, it is important to check the following information –

1. A professional photo

2. Headline that makes you stand out

3. Summary of your professional roles

4. Your highlighted achievements

5. Projects carried on by you

6. Interest in a career

7. Recommendations

Linkedin on screen "Apply for jobs on LinkedIn"
Pic Credit : Airam Dato-on – Linkedin on screen “Apply for jobs on LinkedIn

2. Search relevant jobs –

Do not beat around the bush. Switch on ‘job alerts’, if you want to search for new job opportunities. You can use the keywords to search for the job. Whenever any relevant job gets posted, you will be notified about the same.

3. Build relationships and community on LinkedIn –

Strong networking is the base of LinkedIn’s work. Connections to relevant people serve as a reference. It is always suggested that you build a strong network of professionals related to your field of work.  Once the relationship is fostered on a strong scale, you can request the concerned person about the job, and he might refer you for any. But remember, before approaching anyone at the senior level, you must do thorough research.

4. Be professional –

When you build a strong network of people or professionals, sometimes you develop a friendly bond with them. But while using the network on LinkedIn, keep in mind that you need to be professional most of the time as LinkedIn is for professionals only and not for general social networking like Facebook.

5. Constantly update your Resume –

It is observed that people make accounts on LinkedIn. Sometimes, they socialize also, but they forget to update their resume from time to time. Sometimes LinkedIn profiles and resumes do not match the demand of the market. This is why, they get fewer opportunities for interviews. Some people just send out the standard resume for every type of job. But remember, it is always a better option to send the correctly tailored resume for the type of job you are applying for.

6. Apply daily –

If you are in desperate need of a job, applying every single day is required. Do not wait for the other recruiters to answer you back. Sometimes the recruiters take months to get back to you on your application. Are you ready to wait for that long? I think, not. So, it is better to keep on applying for the jobs, if you want a quick job, and if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities that knock on your door very rarely.

Easy Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn?

Applyingfor a job on LinkedIn is quite easy. You just need to search for the job, click on it to know the specifications, and then click on the ‘Apply’ tab. This will complete the process of sending an application for the job of your choice.

                LinkedIn has come up with a new button called ‘Easy Apply’. If you want to send out multiple applications at once, or sense as many applications as possible, using the ‘Easy Apply’ button helps a lot.

What is ‘Easy Apply’ on LinkedIn?

Well, it is a button that appears on some specific job postings and not all. This button fills in the candidate’s information automatically. It fills in all the general information about the candidate. So the candidate just needs to attach a resume and then send the application. It just takes a few seconds or minutes to complete the application process.

So use the ‘Easy Apply’ button to send the application to the job provider quickly.

1. How to showcase skills and achievements on LinkedIn?

Showcasing skills on LinkedIn is quite easy. Just add the skills that you have or the skills that you want to highlight in the ‘Skills’ section. Ask your colleagues or your managers also to endorse them to increase your credibility for the same.

2. How to create a network with professionals on LinkedIn?

Do it by sending connection requests to them and sending them personalized messages. Also, participate in group discussions that relate to your industry-specific issues.

3. How to set job alerts on LinkedIn?

Well, the method depends on the employer or the specific job.  But the common method to search is by using the relevant keywords. You can click on the ‘Create Alert’ tab on the results displayed. This button is generally present on the right-hand side of the search result.

4. How to create a LinkedIn profile?

Go to the official LinkedIn website or you can also download the LinkedIn mobile App. Then you can click on the button ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join now’, present on the screen page. Enter the details and information, upload your resume, and present a summary of yourself. You are then all set to go.

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