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IceGate Forgot Password – Reset process, Login : e-Commerce Portal of Central Board of Excise for user and admin at official website of….

IceGate Login for User and Admin

Firstly, ICEGATE is an Indian portal for import-export-related works. To put it into simpler words, ICEGATE portal helps to get the following –

1. Filling Documents

2. Grievance Handling

3. Export – related Government fee payment

4. Refund of IGST

5. Custom Clearance

IceGate forgot password source from
IceGate forgot password source from

Types of Sign in at ICEGATE –

Register user, There are two types of Login on ICEGATE Portal. Once is for the users and the other one is for the Admin. The process of Login is quite simple. Let us discuss both of them.

(A) LOGIN at ICEGATE for users –

1. Visit the official ICEGATE Portal (Registration Form) and search for the User “ICEGATE Log-in” option :

2. On the page that appears, fill in the Username and Password, and then enter the correct CAPTCHA Code.

3. At the end, click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

(B) LOGIN at ICEGATE for Admin

In order to provide maintenance support, IT administrators also need access. The admins can get access in the following way

1. Login to the Admin page of the ICEGATE Portal.

2. Now, enter the desired details on the page that appears.

3. Enter the correct Captcha code and then click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

This will give you access to the portal as an administrator. As an administrator, you can give support to the users in many ways.


1. forgot ICEGATE password , Reach the ICEGATE portal homepage by using link : Action.

2. You will be able to see an option of ‘forgot password’ on the screen. Click on that.

3. Now, you need to enter the IceGate ID on the page that appears.

4. You will now be required to enter your registered email ID and enter the correct captcha code.

5. In the end, click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

6. Now, a new password will be received on your registered email address.

7. You will now be redirected to the same Login through which you started. Use the new password to change the given password.


What to do, if an error appears while login?

In case you get an error, just check for the IceGate errors code list. The official source to get the error code list is

Can we use the ICEGATE Login for epayment?

Yes, you can use ICEGATE Login for epayment. For this, you just need to Login into the main portal and then use the custom payment documents to pay.

Is there any dedicated Customer Care Number for ICEGATE?

Yes, there is a dedicated ICEGATE Customer care number for all the ICEGATE users across the India. The number os 1800 3010 1000. In case, you want to send an email ID instead of call, you can mail on the address

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