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ICEGATE Bill of Entry

Do you know what a Bill of Entry is? Whenever we try to get clearance from the customs department for something, we need to submit a legal document mandatorily to them.

It is especially required when we want custom clearance through ICEGATE Login Portal.

This document can file by either of the two –

(a) CHA (Clearing House Agent) or

(b) Importer.

This bill of entry is filed either at the arrival of the goods or prior to the arrival of goods. This bill of entry helps to claim ITC on goods.

ICEGATE Bill of Entry Tracking At ICES Source from
ICEGATE Bill of Entry Tracking At ICES Source from

Particulars mentioned on the Bill of entry

There are some particulars mentioned on every Bill of Entry, which is required when goods from some other countries arrive in India. The particulars mentioned are: –

1. Customs Duty

2. Value of the goods

3. Port Code

4. Address and name of the Importer

5. Mode of Payment

6. Additional Duty

7. Date and BOE number

8. PAN Numbers


10. IEC Code

Tracking Process of Bill of Entry

We have already discussed that ICEGATE Portal helps to prepare a bill of entry. It involves both the parties, the cargo carriers, and the traders.

This gives clear information to the traders as well as exporters about the clearance status of the Goods.

In order to track the bill of entry through ICEGATE, one must follow the steps discussed below:-

1. Reach the official enquiry page of the ICEGATE, i.e.

2. On the enquiry page, select the Port Code from the dropdown menu that appears next.

3. Now, you will require to enter the Bill of entry number.

4. You will then be asked to enter the Bill Entry Date and the correct CAPTCHA as well.

5. After entering all the details correctly, click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

6. You will now be able to see all the Bill of Entry details.

What is Shipping Bill ?

Shipping Bill is only generated when the goods are sent to foreign countries by any trader of India. This is done through ICEGATE portal.

This Bill contains the details of the goods, quantity, value, price, etc. of the goods. Seller and Buyer’s name. Details of tax paid by the sender.

            There are different types of Shipping Bill depending on the type of customs duty etc.

Some of the Bills are: – dutiable Shipping Bill, Coastal Shipping Bill, Shipping Bill for the Shipment Ex-Bond, Free Shipping etc.

What is the Lading Bill or Bill of Lading ?

This is a bill generate by the carrier’s owner or agent of the carrier. The importer uses this bill for filing the Bill of Entry. This bill acts as a contract of carriage.

It acts as an acknowledgment of shipment sent through air or sea ways.

What is IGM and EGM ?

IGM is Import General Manifest. It is use for filing of the cargo before it comes to the port. IT contains the details like description of goods, no. of packages, consignee details, details of ship, aircraft, vessel, etc. EGM stands for Export General Manifest.

It is filed after the export of the cargo. It contains the details like exporter details, shipping goods details, value of goods etc.

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