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Civil Registration System Birth and Death Registration Portal

CRS is referred to as Civil Registration System which is a web-based application. This app is used by people to find a solution for Birth, Death, and Stillbirth Registration and Certificate generation across the country. In the current generation, it is quite essential to have a birth certificate as it helps during their education, job, and various other categories.

A Death certificate is important when you want to transfer the shares, land, or property that is registered in the name of the deceased. Death Certificate Status

CRS facilitates centralized data management that stores all the information related to Birth, Death, and Stillbirth Registrations.

This system also has an offline version of the application that works on any computer without connecting it to the internet.

The form that is to be registered can be imported subsequently from that computer to the centralized online application without the internet. All the forms registered on this application will be available online across the country.

CRS Application Login:

Anyone can access the CRS application by simply visiting the link This application is available on all browsers and is currently stored on the NIC server. Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use the application as it showcases the UI best in Chrome.

To know the status of the application, you have to select the Birth or Death Software from the home page.

  • Enter the user name and password
  • Type the captcha code as displayed on the image above.
  • Click on the Login button to view the details accordingly.

Once you log in, you will see various tabs like Home, User Management, Birth, Death, Stillbirth, Master, Reports, and Logout. Master and Reports tabs are only accessible to higher-level officers like District Registrar, Chief Registrar, and the Registrar General.

Registration Summary tab is available at the right corner of the page where you can view daily registered events. The reports shown in the Registration Summary tab analyses the number of births, deaths, stillbirths, and infant deaths registered in the Registration Area according to the date selected for the purpose.

The User Management tab allows you to update your profile or change the password. In this post, we have mentioned the ways to know the status of birth, death, and stillbirth registrations. Death Certificate Search Source from Portal Death Certificate Status Source from Portal

Death Registration:

You can view the option Death certificate Registration on the home page after logging in. Pointing your mouse to the Death link will help you to view the sub-links that allow you to register the death, search for registered deaths, Incomplete Registration Forms, Applications under submission, and rejected applications.

How to search Death Registration?

To search or view the status of your death registration, you have to click on the option Search Death that is under the Death Registration link.

If the Death Registration is complete, you can get the details of the registration by entering any field values which you know to fulfill the search options.

  • You can enter the details like death year, gender, date of birth. registration number, name of the father, name of the mother, and the name of the deceased.
  • After entering the field values tap the Search button. The application will display the list of death registrations that match your search criteria.
  • You can also clear the field values to search for a different deceased death registration by clicking on the Reset option.
  • Clicking on the Registration link in the search list will display the details of the death registration on the screen.
  • To view the death certificate of the deceased, you have to select the option Certificate view.
  • You can edit the information of the death registration by clicking on the Correction option. You will only be able to modify the values in the Legal and Statistical section.
  • The correction limit is set to 3 times. If you cross this limit, then you will not be able to use the Correction button as it gets disabled.
  • History option allows you to view the original and corrected records on the screen. The records shown on the screen are in descending order which in turn means that the latest updated records will be shown on the top.
  • View link in the Corrections of History tab will allow you to view the record details. If the data is modified for the first time, then it will be displayed in the Blue color. If the data is changed for the second time, then it is shown in Pink color.
Department NameCivil Registration System Birth and Death Registration
CRS Birth and Death Registration URL Death Certificate Status (Application Status)

Incomplete Registration Form:

If the death Registration of the deceased is incomplete, then you view those forms under this section. To complete the registration, click on the Continue option and fill in the required details.

The correction limit here is set to 3 times. After modifying the data for the third time, you will not be able to modify it later.

The delete option will delete the record of that particular deceased death registration.

Rejected Applications:

If the death event applications registered by the Hospitals are rejected by the Registrar, then they will be shown under this section.

Applications under Submission:

If the applications of death events register by the Hospitals are in progress, then they will display under this tab.

View Remark:

This option allows you to view the remarks of the application submitted by the Hospital


You can view the death record of the deceased using this option.

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