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Civil Registration System (CRS) is a web-based application that is used as a common solution for Birth, Death, and Stillbirth Registration and Certificate generation over the country.

This system provides centralized data management that stores all the information recorded for Birth, Death, and Stillbirth registration. It also offers reports frequently for analysis and planning depending on data of birth, death, and stillbirth registration.

CRS also has an offline version of the application which means that the users who don’t have access to the internet can also complete the registration.

This offline version of the application works on any computer without an internet connection and the record of registration can be imported subsequently from that computer to the centralized online application.

All these records will be available with an online application across the country.

CRS Death Certificate registration Online source from
CRS Death Certificate registration Online source from

Features of CRS:

CRS offers robust User management depending on the user type to access and generate the data and reports. Based on the user type access is provided to the application at a different level of authorization and authentication.

Each user has a unique user ID that is provided to have secured access. Here are some of the features of the application as mentioned below.

  • User Registration
  • Master Data Management
  • Birth Registration
  • Death Registration
  • Still Birth Registration
  • Non Availability Certificate Issuance
  • Reports Generation

How to Login to CRS Application?

The public can access the CRS application by visiting the link The application can be access on any internet browser and it currently resided on the NIC server.

It is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser to use the application as the application is best viewed in Chrome.

You can also access the CRS application by entering in the search bar of the internet browser. Then, select the Birth and Death Software from the home page.

If you are trying to log in as Hospital, then please follow the below steps.

  • Enter the user name and password
  • Type the captcha code as shown in the image
  • Now, tap the Login button to view the details.

On the home page, you will be able to see tabs like Home, User Management, Birth, Death, Stillbirth, Master, Reports, and Logout. The tabs Master and Reports are only accessible to higher-level officers like District Registrar, Chief Registrar, and the Registrar General.

You will also be able to find another panel Registration Summary at the right corner of the page. This panel helps to view daily registered events. The reports displayed in the table under Registration Summary depict the number of births, deaths, stillbirths, and infant deaths registered in the Registration Area in reference to the date selected for the purpose.

User Management:

The User Management tabs provide two sub-menus under it where one is for changing the password and the other is to update the profile.

Change Password:

If you want to change the password of your profile, then you should click on the Change Password link. Please follow the below steps to change your password

  • Enter the user email id in the required field. Make sure to enter the email id in the correct format
  • Enter the new password
  • Enter the new password again to confirm the password

The password you create should contain the following combinations.

(1) At least one alphabet(A­Z)

(2) At Least one numeric value (0­9)

(3) At Least one special character (@,#,$,%,&,*)

(4) Minimum length of 6 characters

(5) Maximum length of 17 characters

Update Profile:

To update the details of your profile, you can follow the below steps.

  • Enter the user name in the required field
  • Enter the user email id
  • Select the Gender from the dropdown list.

Death Certificate Registration: Death Certificate Registration, On the home page, you can view Death Registration option after logging in. Hovering your mouse pointer over the Death link will display the sub links that allows you to register the death, search for registered deaths, Incomplete Registration Forms, Application under submission, and rejected applications.

How to add Death Registration?

To register a death, you need to click on the option Add Death Registration that is located under Death. On the next page, you will see the Death legla information and the screen linked to this will display the statistical portion of Death.

The system provides you to fill the reporting form in your regional language of state to which you belong. The application facilitates 4 options of reporting languages

1. English-None

2. English-Regional language

3. Regional language-English

4. Regional language-None

To simply the ease of reporting, you can fill the form with any one combination out of the four available options. In case of bilingual reporting, when you type the text in your primary language, system will auto translate it into the secondary language. If you find any discrepancy in auto translated text, then you can correct it by typing manually in that textbox.

On the next page, you will need to enter a few details like form number, reporting date, and the deceased information.

If there any form number of the death event, you need to enter it while registering the death.

Select the Reporting date from the calendar control provided.

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Deceased Information:

This block consists of details like Date of Death, Gender, Age, First name, Middle name, Last name, and UID.

Select the date of death from the calendar option. The application will validates the date of death with the reporting date as it stored in the data base.

Basically, there are three check on Date of Death for checking the delayed registration. If any of the below conditions is true, then it is the death registration is consider to be delay.

1. Date of Reporting – Date of Death is more than 21 Days but within 30 Days.

2. Date of Reporting – Date of Death is more than 30 Days but less than 1 Year.

3. Date of Reporting – Date of Death is greater than 1Year.

If the registration comes under any of the above categories, then the software would notify you that the event being a delayed event and in the statistical form it will ask for the required documents based on the period of delay.

And If the you press OK, then the software will allow you to proceed with the Registration. If you select Cancel option then the system will redirect you to the new registration page.

After tapping OK button, you will be redirect’s to the registration page, where you have to fill in the remaining details like gender, age, first name, middle name, last name, and UID.

You have to enter these details individually for the deceased, deceased father/husband, and deceased mother.

UID is not a mandatory field. You can enter the UID if available otherwise you can leave it blank.

Address of deceased at the time of death:

Enter the address details of the deceased like building number, name, house number, street/lane name, locality/post office, state, district, sub-district, village/town, and Pin.

Permanent address of deceased:

Enter the permanent address of the deceased in this section. You have to enter the details like house number, name, street/lane name, locality/post office, state, district, sub-district, village/town, and Pin.

If the permanent address is same as that of the address of the deceased at the time of death, then you can click on the check-box available. This check-box will reflect the details of the address of the deceased at the time of death into the permanent address fields.

Place of Death:

The place of death needs to be selected as Hospital and the name and address of the respective hospital will be displayed on the screen.

Informant’s Information:

The place of death is Hospital and the Informant’s name and address will be same as hospital address that will get displayed automatically once you enter the hospital name.

Click on the Save button after entering all the required information and the control will be transferred to the Death Statistical Information.

Clicking on Cancel instead of Save button will take you to the homepage and the data you have entered will not be saved.

Add Death Registration: Death Certificate Registration, Once you save the legal information of the deceased, you will be redirected to the new page where you will see the statistical information that is filled in.

Enter the address details of the deceased like selecting the state, district, sub-district and more.

You will be ask a few questions like

Is it a Town/Village

Name of Town/Village

If the residence of the deceased is same as that of the address of the deceased, then click on the check-box provided. This check-box will copy the same information into the residence address fields.

Other Deceased Information:

  • Select the Religion, Occupation, Type of medical attention received before death, was the cause of death medically certified.
  • If you select the option Yes for the question Was the cause of death medically certified, you will be listed with the medically certified caused with the auto-complete facility. If you select no, then the list of defined causes will be populated in the drop-down box.
  • If it is a female death, did the death occurred while pregnant. You have to select Yes or No here.
  • You have to fill the questions like If the deceased used to habitually smoke, if used to habitually drink alcohol, if used to habitually chew tobacco, and if used to habitually chew areca nut.

Upload Reporting Form:

You have to upload the scanned copy of your porting using this option.


Enter the remarks if any, in the text box provided.

After verifying the details, click on Save button. The information will be saved and then the control will be transferred to Death information page. Clicking on Cancel option here will take you to the homepage and the data you have entered till now will not be saved.

Lastly, click on Submit after reviewing all the details populated on the screen as an acknowledgment. This step will make the registration permanent.

A reference number will be generate after submitting the application. Make a note of the reference number for future reference.

You also have the option to edit the information if any modifications required after submitting the application.

Search Death Registration:

Search Death option is to search for the registered deaths within the application. You can enter any field which you are aware of to filter the search options.

  • The search result will display a list of records with the matching search criteria. You can enter the fields like death year, registration number, gender, date of birth, name of the father, name of the mother, and name of the deceased.
  • Entering the registration number will be quite effective since it is unique and makes the search easy. However, it is not easy to remember the registration number. You can go with other fields and select the relevant data if you don’t remember the registration number.
  • After entering the fields, click on Search. The screen will display the list of records that matches with the options you have provided.
  • Reset option will clear the fields you have selected for the search criteria.
  • Clicking on the registration link in the search list, will display the details of registration on the screen.
  • Certificate view option will display the death certificate of the deceased.
  • Correction option will help you to edit the information of the deceased. You can modify the values in Legal and statistical section.
  • Note: The correction limit is set to 3 which means that once you cross the limit, you will no longer be able to use the corection button as it is disabled.
  • History will allow you to view the original and the corrected records on the screen. The records will be display in the descending order which means that the latest updated records will be display on the top.
  • Clicking on the View link in Corrections of History tab will display the records details. The data which is change for the first time will be shown in Blue color. The data which is change for the second time is shown in Pink color.

Incomplete Registration Form:

You can view the deceased registered forms which are incomplete on this page.  Clicking on Continue registration option will allow you to modify the data and fill the required fields to complete the registration. The correction limit is set to 3 and once you cross this limit, the options will disable.

Clicking on Delete, will delete the record.

Rejected Applications:

The applications of the death events register by the Hospitals after rejection by Registrar will shown in this page.

Birth and death certificate
Content Death Certificate Registration Online
Website name CRS (Civil Registration System) Birth and Death Registration Death Certificate Online

Applications under Submission:

The applications of death events registered by the hospitals will be list here.

View Remark:

Clicking on this button will allow you to view the remarks of the application submitted.

Proceed/View: This option will allow you to view the death record.

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