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Forgot Rajasthan SSO ID details

It happens very often that if any ID is not used for long, we forget the Login details. There are so many online IDs now a days, that it is difficult to remember all. Those who give us an option to register with ID and password, also gives us the option to retrieve it, in case we forgot.

               If you have forgotten the username and ID of SSO, you will be happy to know that there are various ways to retrieve it. Just follow the steps discussed below to retrieve them.

Forgot SSOID Rajasthan password source from portal
Forgot SSOID Rajasthan source from portal

In case, you forget Rajasthan SSO ID: –

1. Visit the official portal  

2. There will be an option of ‘Forgot Rajasthan SSO ID’.

3. Now, choose from the options given. There are three options to choose from i.e., a citizen, Industry person or a government employee.

4. You have to choose the option that you have used while registering for SSO ID.

5. After this, the candidate has to enter the email ID and mobile number also, and also the ID number.

6. You will get many different prompts after that, which are not fixed for everyone. Just read the instructions clearly and do as directed. At the end, you will be able to retrieve your username and password.

Note: – If the prompts don’t work for you, you can send the message RJ SSO on 9223166166 from your registered mobile number.

In case, you forget Rajasthan SSO ID password:

1. Visit the official portal of the SSO i.e.

2. Now enter the SSO ID. Together with it, enter the Email ID as well.

3. After that, enter your registered mobile number, Aadhaar ID number and email ID.

4. After verifying all the details again, enter the Captcha code.

5. You will now receive an OTP on your mobile number. Fill it on the screen that appears next.

6. Now, you have to fill the new password of your choice. For confirming the newly set password, click on the ‘OK’ tab.

In case, you want to delete the SSO ID and create a new one

1. Login through SAML SSO Login URL.

2. In the new menu bar, select Account Settings.

3. Search for the option ‘Security and Authentication’ and click on that.

4. Now click on ‘Signal Sign – on’.

5. Select the Delete SAML Configuration after that.

6. Click on the ‘OK’ tab. This will finally delete your SSO ID.

DepartmentSingle Sign On – Government of Rajasthan
TopicForgot Rajasthan SSO ID
Forgot Rajasthan SSO ID Password
Helpline no0141 – 51237167
0141 – 2925554

Helpline number for SSO ID registration: –

Sometimes it happens that a person faces some problem in creating the SSO ID. It might happen that even after following the process discussed above, a person is not able to retrieve the username and password. In this case one can call on the helpline numbers. Government of Rajasthan has specifically dedicated some phone numbers and email IDs for helping people in need. Here, I am enclosing the details of the same.

Phone: – 1)     0141 – 51237167

             2)     0141 – 2925554

Email ID –

You can call or send email here, if you have faced any problem during the registration process. you want to check the above information Forgot Rajasthan SSO ID and Forgot SSO ID Password.

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