Call Bomber : Send Prank Messages or Phone Calls to Your friends

Call Bomber

Have you heard about the service call bomber ? There are various services available online which allows you to send an unlimited number of prank messages or phone call to your friends or contact list.

One such service is Call Bomber. Sometimes, people find it funny to use it, as it is mostly used to prank friends. But, if this service is used insensibly, it can be damaging to the relationships.

By using this service, one can make endless repetitive calls.

Call Bomber send prank messages or phone calls to your friends
Pic credit : Karolina Grabowska – Call Bomber send prank messages or phone calls to your friends

How to use Call Bomber?

If you want to send prank messages or phone calls to your friends, family members, etc., you can use the Call Bomber service. Various websites provide these services like, etc. Use Steps as follows –

1. Go to the call bomber site .

2. In the provided field, enter the mobile number.

3. To start the prank, just click on the ‘START’ button.

4. Automatic prank phone calls and text messages start to be sent out to friends or family members.

WhatsApp Bomber

Whatsapp bomberz is a tool similar to call bomberz, but it is used to target messages and calls on WhatsApp. This sometimes causes the phone of the user receiving the messages to crash.

How can one avoid Call Bombing?

The only way to avoid call bombing is to keep the phone number private and give access to your number to a limited number of sites. There are some features available online that can be installed on your phone to stop or restrict the call bombings like Truecallers, etc.

Use of call bombing is ethical or not?

This is ethical if it is used in a fun or useful way. Taking consent from the person to whom it is targeted or using it in good faith makes it ethical. But, if it annoys the user, it is unethical.

A user being targeted with such calls and messages can block the number. He / She can also ask for assistance from law enforcement agencies and mobile carrier operators to stop it to save them from any harm.

1. What is the mechanism behind the working of the call bomber?

Well, call bomber uses the advanced API system.

2. Is the usage of call bomber free?

Yes, it is completely free.

3. Can the messages on the Call Bomber be customized?

No, the Call bomber has some pre-defined messages and calls. It might be customized in the future. 

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