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How to check Maruti Suzuki True Value ?

Do you know that Maruti Suzuki True Value has successfully completed 20 years of its journey? The concept oftrue value car by Maruti started in 2001.

MarutiCompany has announced that it has sold more than four is pre-owned cars. Isn’t it fantastic?

Do you know the concept of true value well? Let us discuss this concept and its objectives in detail.

True Value Cars

Buying a car is a matter of the heart for some people. People have different choices and perceptions about cars.

For some, mileage is more important while for others, looks and inside décor are important. Some people want their new car to be perfect on the major fronts but they don’t want to make a big hole in their pocket. 

For them, a true value-for-money car is the best option.  These are the cars that are resold by checking their condition etc.

This work is done by the manufacturing company. While evaluating the true value of the car, some points used by them are –

  • Condition of the Car – The inside and outside conditions of the car are both evaluated thoroughly. The cars maintained in ddd condition gtt a higher price.
  • Mileage – Older cars that give higher mileage are considered less effective than the new cars with lower mileage.
  • Features – Cars now come with endless features. The cars that offer various features and options undoubtedly get better cost and attraction.
  • Model – The model of the car plays a major role in the resale value of the car.
  • Damage, Dents, and Accidents

So, a company evaluates a car according to the parameters and then decides the true value (price) of the car on which it can be sold to the customers.

These True value cars are now in Buzz as people nowadays always want to exchange the cars to try a new model. This is a pocket-friendly and trustworthy way.

PIC Credit : Maruti Suzuki True Value car

How to know the True value of the Car?

To know the true value of any car, just keep an eye on the following –

  • Online – Nowadays, many online resources are available with the help of which you can know the true value of a car. Some of the website like NADA Guides, Edmund, Kelly Blue book, etc. gives a good estimate.
  • Features and options – Check the entire structure and the features installed in the car like – sunroofs, music system, LED Screen, navigation system, etc.
  • Recent Sales – Check the price of the resold cars that are similar to your choice of car. Comparing gives a better idea of the true value of the car.
  • Car’s condition – Check the interior and exterior condition like if there are any wear and tears etc.
  • History of Vehicle – We must consider the history of the vehicle as an important indicator for its technical health.

What is Maruti Suzuki’s True Value Platform?

It is a platform where pre-owned Maruti Suzuki cars are sold after checking their quality and reliability. There are some high standards set by the Maruti Suzuki Company for calculating the true value of pre-owned cars.

For this, they thoroughly inspect the car and then refurbish it to meet their kind of standards. Some of the best features of the Maruti Suzuki True Value cars are –

Warranty – True value cars of Maruti Suzuki come with a warranty of 20,000 kilometers or one year, whichever comes first.

After-sales support – The True–Value cars also provide service support and the after–sales support through their authorized dealerships just like the way it was given after the purchase of a new car.

True Value Showroom – Maruti Suzuki has different showrooms for the True Value car. You can visit or even browse the inventory from the couch of your home.

Categorization of Cars – The cars are categorized according to varied criterions like price, model, options, functions, year, etc. It makes it easy to search a car that meets the specific needs of the customer.

How to purchase True Value Car?

There are two ways to purchase a Maruti Suzuki True Value Car –

1. By Visiting the Maruti Suzuki True Value Showroom –

There is wide network of Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms across the country. You can search for the nearest showroom by visiting their official portal of Maruti Suzuki True Value .

After you reach their, you can browse their inventory based on year, price, etc. You can make a thorough checkup of the car yourself.

You can even ask the dealer about the history report of the car. and You can do varied things in the showroom, like –

1. Negotiate the price

2. Compare the price.

3. Take the car for the test drive

4. Ask for the vehicle history report

5. Complete the required paperwork

6.  Transfer the insurance on your name

7.  Take home the vehicle after paper work and payment.

2. By using their official website –

The official website of the Maruti Suzuki True Value cars. A complete inventory of True Value cars is available on this website.

Various filters like price, cost, model, etc. are installed on the website for their potential customers, which help them to search for the car of their choice with ease.

                The good thing about using this online resource is that with its help you can even book a test drive. This helps you to take a better decision. You can even request a call back from the True Value Representative.

This portal also gives advice on the financing options that you can opt for. This site also helps to get insurance for your deal as well as the after–sales support.

How to get your car evaluated?

If you own a Maruti Suzuki car then you can get your car evaluated by clicking on the option ‘Request for Evaluation’ on the official Maruti Suzuki True Value Portal. Submit all the details of your vehicle to them. You can ask for a doorstep evaluation service also or can take your vehicle to the nearest True Value Showroom.

What does the company check for the evaluation of the Pre-Owned Cars?

Actually, every car to be evaluated for True Value passes through 376 quality checkpoints. A thorough inspection of every interior and exterior aspect of the vehicle is done with accuracy.

Do I have to pay for the evaluation of the Vehicle?

No, additional commission or charges are to be paid when you sell a car at the outlet of Maruti Suzuki True Value Showroom.

If I sell my car at the  True Value showroom, in how much time will I get money for the same?

You get the money as soon as possible. No fixed time can be specified. However, you will get a bonafide selling certificate which will be verified at the RTO.

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