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Life certificate is called as Jeevan Pramaan Patr in Hindi. This is a very important document for all pensioners. Jeevan Parmaan is a digital service for pensioners of India which is based on biometric authentication. Public service is the main motto of the Government of India.

The government of India supports many retirement schemes for its employee.PDF, EDLI, EPS, and VPF are among some of them. The retirement age in India has now been reduced to 58 years from 60 years.

                                                              A person is entitled to receive the pension if he/she has served in one or more organizations for more than 10 years. As is already known, a pensioner has to submit the JeevanPramanPatr (Life certificate) every year. The month for the submission is November. This ensures the unhindered payment of their monthly pension to them.

                                                              For obtaining the life certificate, one has to obtain the signature of an authorized signatory on the certificate and submit it to the Bank. It has to be submitted to that bank in which the pensioner has an account.

jeevan pramaan - to know  digital life certificate and how it works source from
jeevan pramaan – to know digital life certificate and how it works source from

Information printed on the Life Certificate: –

The major details printed on the Life Certificate are: –

  1. Pensioner’s Name
  2. PPO Number (Pension Payment Order Number)
  3. Authorized officers, designation, seal, and signature.
  4. Place and Date on which the Life certificate was obtained.

What is a Digital Life Certificate or Jeevan Praman?

As discussed already, for getting the Life certificate every month, the pensioner has to be present in front of the agency helping in pension disbursal. In the age after retirement, many diseases or health condition makes it difficult for some people to be present physically and that too every month. It causes inconveniences and hardships.

Sometimes, the pensioner also gets relocated after retirement for varied reasons. So, it is illogical to call them to another state or district every month for giving them their monthly pension amount.

                                                              To solve this problem, the Government of India has developed a Digital Life Certificate system, which is also known by the name JeevanPramaan. 

This system has digitalized every aspect of the system of procuring the life certificate. The process is hassle-free and easier to follow.

How does this Digital JeevanPraman System Works?

This system is based on the Aadhaar card of the pensioner. Biometric authentication of the pensioner is done through the Aadhaar card. There is a process for biometric authentication. IF the authentication becomes successful, the Digital Life Certificate of the pensioner gets stored in a repository called Life Certificate Repository. This certificate is accessible to both i.e. the pensioner as well as the pension disbursing agency. There are 6 stages of this process:-

Generation of Life Certificate

To register yourself for getting the Digital JeevanPramaanPatr, you need to register yourself first. You can register yourself in various ways. You can download a mobile or PC application, or visit the JeevanPramaan Centre which is nearest to you.

                                              Provide or fill in the required information like PPO, Bank Account Number, name of the bank, mobile number, aadhaar number, etc.

  • Authentication through Aadhaar – It requires online biometrics authentication of the pensioner, which is either an Iris or a fingerprint. For this, the Aadhaar platform is used.
  • Life Certificate formation and deposition in the repository: – Once the authentication is done successfully, SMS acknowledgment of the same will be sent to your registered mobile number which contains your JeevanPrmaan Certificate ID. Your certificate gets deposited in the Life Certificate Repository.
  • Accessof Certificate to the pensioner: – By using the JeevanPramaan ID, one can access the PDF copy of the Life certificate at any time they want.
  • Access of Certificate to the Pension Disbursal Agency: –Access is given to the pension disbursal agency as well.
  • Electronic Delivery – If the pension disbursal agency wants the e-certificate of the Life certificate, they can get it by registering themselves with the portal.


Which are the Pension Disbursing Agencies?

Pension disbursal work in India has been given to the following agencies: –
1.       Banks
2.       State Government Offices
3.       UT Government Offices
4.       Post Offices

What are the pre-requisites for obtaining digital Jeevan Pramaan Patr?

Well, a person must be ready with the following – bank account number, Aadhaar card, and registered mobile number.

Is it necessary for the pensioner to be present before the authorities for pension disbursal?

No, it is not so. Digital Life Certificate System has been made to ensure that a person can get a life certificate based on his biometrics. The mandatory presence of the pensioner in front of the pension agencies has been abolished with this system.

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