Internshala Login for Student and Employer Internships

Internshala Login option was located at official portal, for student and employer to register for trainings or courses or internships. you have to do complete registration to access internship…

Internshala portal

Have you heard of the Internshala portal? If you are looking for any kind of internship in India Internshala is the best portal to look for. Internshala is a technology company. It helps the students to get the relevant skills as well as exposure for the career of their choice.

If you use Internshala or if you register for Internshala you can get some internships of a good kind that may help you in the long run.

How to Login into Internshala Login

Logon to Internshala is a technology company. Internshala login helps the students to get the relevant skills as well as exposure for the career of their choice.
First, you have to complete the account creating process as we given steps by step and you are able to learn how to sign into the account easily.

  1. First, Visit official website of internshala Portal.
  2. Now Click on Login option
  3. Select student or employee
    Where A popup is shown, where we have to select student or employer/ T & P
  4. After that Enter your Email ID address or login with Google
    Here You can either log in with Google or enter your email address along with a password
  5. And final one Click on Login option
    Tap on the Internshala login button and you will log into your account
Internshala Login for Student and Employer Internships trainings
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Steps to Internshala Registration process :

The process of registration on Internshala is very easy. Follow the steps below to register on the Internshala.

1. Go to the Google Play app and search for Internshala app. Internshala app has a blue icon, and you will see IS written over it. Just tap on that application.

2. Now download and install it. After installation open the application.

3. You will see login/sign up option on the screen. Just click on that. By clicking on it you will be able to register on Internshala.

4. You can log in by making a new account or using your Google account. Sign up option is available on the bottom of the login window.

5. If you are registering for the first time, you need to enter some basic details like your email ID, password of your choice, your first name, your last name, etc. After entering all the details you can click on the sign-up option present at the bottom of the page.

6. If all the information entered by you is correct, you will get a notification on your Gmail ID. Just open the mail ID and click on the link received in the mail. In this way, you will be redirected to the application on Internshala.

7. The app will now ask you to verify your email ID, just tap on the option ‘verify’ email.

8.  After successful verification of your email ID, you will be redirected to the login page. Your email ID and password will be automatically entered. You then need to tap on the login option.

9. For successful registration you need to enter some basic details. On Internshala application enter all the details, and enter your mobile number also. If you want to get internship chances in the city you live, you need to enter the city as well.

Note Internshala app is completely secured so you can enter your mobile number, city name, etc. without a hitch.

10. After entering all the details just click on the ‘next’ option. 

11. As this app is basically designed for students who want to get an internship of some kind, it will ask you some basic information like what type of internship you want, where you want, what are your qualifications, etc? Just enter the information.

12. After entering all the details carefully, just click on the option ‘save and next’ present at the end of the page.

13. This will successfully register you on the Internshala Application. Now you can search the internship options and apply.

Remember, in order to get good internship opportunities you should always keep your profile updated.

What is the Students partner program of Internshala?

The student partner program of Internshala is a work-from-home program. Internshala student partners need to do the following jobs –

1. First they need to promote the Internshala internship. They need to promote it amongst as many students as possible.

2. They have to introduce Internshala training to their peers.

3. They need to train their fellow students.

4.  They need to represent the Internshala portal at all of their college fests.

Internshala Login for Student and Employer Internships courses
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How to download the certificate from Internshala?

The process of downloading the certificate is very easy. Just follow the steps discussed below-

1. First open the Internshala app on your mobile or any device of your choice.

2. Choose the internship and then click on it. Click on the view certificate option present there.

3. An eform will now appear.

4. Fill in the information asked in the form.

5. Scroll down and click on the tab ‘Save Details’.

6. Once the details are saved, you will see a checkbox ‘Agree’. Click on that.

7. This will finish the process. Now, just click on the ‘Yes’ tab to download the certificate.

Can one learn new skills on Internshala?

Yes, as one gets hands-on experience through Internshala. One gets a chance to learn new skills. They provide real-life work scenarios.

Can one upgrade, add or delete skills on Internshala?

Yes, one can easily do so. There are options like Edit Resume, edit Preferences, online training, etc. These options help them make changes to their profile and preference of training, etc. This can be done at any time instantly.

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