How to Fix Firestick Buffering Problem ( Solution )

Solution for Fixing Firestick Buffering Problem Solving……

How to Fix Firestick Buffering Problem

What is a Firestick?

Firestick is an android invented device that helps you in streaming music, downloading applications, and streaming videos. This device helps you enjoy smart TV features on the LED TV. The gadget allows you to download android apps on your TV and enjoy live streaming and playing games.

There are free Firesticks channels that you can enjoy despite your location. They include Pluto TV, Tubi, IMDb TV, Crackle, Peacock, Twitch, Fire TV, Plex, Roku, Spotify, and PBS kids. You will get a few advertisements here and there as they are the ones that enable these channels to offer free content.

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Fix Firestick Buffering Problem

How do I download the apps?

It is simple!

You will follow the below few steps to achieve this.

  • Connect your TV power cable, switch on your TV, and link it to the internet.
  • Launch your browser. This can be Opera mini, Internet explorer, Mozilla, or any other genuine browser.
  • Go to the search bar and tap on the app store.
  • Scroll down until you identify the channels you are interested in.
  • Press on download.

The faster way of getting the best channels is to check the ones recommended to you or view apps category-wise.

Can I stop Firestick buffering?

Of course, you can!

Can I show you how to do it? C’mon, join me and I will take you through.

Firestick buffering is a common concern among many users. It is hectic to keep getting abrupt interruptions as you are streaming your content.

Can we first discuss the cause of Firestick buffering?


There are various causes of Firestick buffering as we will discuss below.

The long-distance between Firestick and modem

Do you want to enjoy smooth streaming without buffering issues? Keep your modem near your Firestick. When you close the gap between the two the signals will be stable and strong hence avoiding buffering issues.


You can consider transferring some contents to a hard disk to free up space. The space is limited to 8 GB which you should keep a close eye on to ensure you delete or transfer the data often.

The internet connection strength

Ensure you get 20 Mbps to enjoy at least 4k live streaming or 10Mbps to get 1080p. These two choices will give you a strong internet connection which will keep buffering off.


Keep a close check to identify if Firestick is overheating. This can happen when you use your Firestick for a long duration without switching it off or when your socket has an issue.

Suppose you realize this overheating issue, switch it off for some time and allow it to cool down. Avoid leaving your Firestick on overnight or when you are not using it. 

Are you running out of RAM?

Free up some of the data that you don’t need or the obsolete ones. Remember to close all the apps that would be running in the background to create more space.

Is your Firestick OS absolute?

You can experience random Firestick buffering when you are using obsolete Firestick OS. Ensure that you keep up with new brands to enjoy efficient surfing.

Are you overloading your ISP?

Avoid opening so many live stream tabs at once as this will overload your Firestick. If possible, avoid streaming more than two contents at a go to enjoy high speed.

Are there other ways of resolving Firestick buffering Problem?


The below few steps will help you achieve this in a few minutes.

Consider using VPN

When using the VPN, you will experience the following benefits.

  • VPN will help you to enjoy a high streaming speed. This is unlike when using an internet provider network which limits you from streaming bulky content within a specified time.
  • The VPN allows you to surf anonymously. The government cannot track your internet activities. 
  • You enjoy safety from hackers and other nosy parties. Your online activities remain private.

Which is the best VPN for Firestick?

Consider using ExpressVPN to enjoy the below benefits.

  • ExpressVPN technology is high-tech, and the speed is amazing.
  • It allows you to have three months trial period.
  • You will enjoy a 49% discount.
  • This VPN is compatible with Netflix and Kodi among others.
  • It helps you to go beyond global geographical restrictions. 
  • There is a guarantee of 30 days refund in case you are not satisfied with its services.

How do I set up the VPN to resolve the buffering issue?

  • Take your device and link it to the internet.
  • Go to your ExpressVPN account and log in using the login details you used when signing up.
  • Can you see a bar written find at the center of your page? Click on it once.
  • Go to search and click on ExpressVPN and install.
  • Link your TV stick to the VPN and enjoy the streaming.

Clear cache (How to Fix Firestick Buffering Problem)

Check all the cache of the apps that you have been using and clear them to avoid buffering. This process will help you have faster streaming on Ola TV, Cinema APK, Bee TV, and Cyberflix TV.

Do a factory resetting on apps

How do I do a factory reset?

You will follow the below procedure.

  • Go to the home screen and click on Firestick settings.
  • Go to applications.
  • Click on manage applications.
  • You will see a breakdown of all your apps.
  • Click on apps with a buffering issue.
  • Check the right side of the screen to see the cache details. At this point, you can either clear the data or clear the cache.

Clearing cache

This will clear the cache only.

Clearing data

This action will clear cache, log in details, and perform an app factory reset.

Reset your privacy

Did you know that Amazon trucks your activities and collect some of your information? 

Well, it does.

This company uses your information for marketing purposes. This makes the Firestick OS continuously run in the foreground. This process slows down your surfing resulting in buffing.

How do I stop online trucking and information collection?

Good question!

I understand you panicked after learning that someone has been trolling your online activities and worst of all collecting your data. The good news is that you can stop these activities by following the below few steps.

  • Go to Firestick and click on settings.
  • Can you see privacy settings? Tap on it.
  • Switch off collect data usage and device consumption data.
  • Click on the backward tab and tap on data tracking or monitoring.
  • Close data monitoring.

Update your Firestick OS

You need to keep updating your Firestick OS. Using an obsolete version causes the buffering issue. Your Firestick can update by default but you may sometimes need to do a manual update.

You will update using the below procedure.

  • Go to Firestick and click on settings.
  • Go to My Fire.
  • Tab on About.
  • Tap on update
  • Allow your Firestick to run for a few minutes to check if you need to update.


Topic ” How to Fix Firestick Buffering Problem“, A firestick is a gadget that allows you to stream online.

This device can experience buffering challenges because of overheating, Apps running in the background, using obsolete versions, storage issues, and having a weak internet connection.

You can overcome these challenges by updating your Firestick, avoiding overheating by switching the Firestick off at night or when it is not in use, clearing cache and data, closing apps that are running in the background, and using the VPN.

The other options are resetting the apps to factory settings, freeing up RAM space, and updating your Firestick OS often.

Did enjoy this topic? I am sure you have learned a lot of new things today. Will you give Firestick a trial? I wish you all the best as you take this initiative.

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